The Red Wheelbarrow Interview

I had a lovely conversation with Linda Lambert from Red Wheelbarrow Writers about my two poems that are included in the Spring and All Anthology.

It’s actually the second interview we did that day. The first was equally lovely but didn’t get recorded. It happens. We both laughed.

Hand holding poetry book open to Haibun poem by Mary CamarilloWe talked about haibun poetry (the one they published was my first ever attempt.) The constellation Orion makes an appearance.

Hand holding poetry book open to poem by Mary Camarillo titled RedbirdLinda asked who Gustavo is in the Red bird poem. Gustavo Arrelano, the journalist from the LA Times, inspired this poem. His mother died about the same time mine did, four years ago. He wrote a beautiful tribute to her and said he believed she returned to him in the form of a hummingbird.

I was jealous. It took a long time before my mother even appeared in a dream.

She shows up regularly now. I think she’d enjoy the interview. I hope you do too.




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