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red star logo for bibliocracy radioBibliocracy Radio is a weekly half-hour books discussion and interview program hosted by Santa Monica Review editor Andrew Tonkovich featuring writers of literary fiction and nonfiction, poetry, memoir and cultural criticism.

man looking at camera, blue eyes, grey beardAndrew featured me in a two-part discussion, with readings from my new novel “Those People Behind Us.” He describes the novel much more intelligently than I usually do, so I’ll quote him. Listen to part two here.

“Those People Behind Us” is “an ensemble story told from the perspectives of five neighbors in a fictional(ized) Orange County tract home community. Set in the early Trump years, it’s a smart social commentary but with generous and humane investigation into what’s possible for citizens defined by real estate, economic status, privilege, and symbolic if not quite real politics.

The portrayals both exploit and explain stereotypes, with a heavy application of critique and humor but perhaps an even more generous application of empathy.”


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