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Christal Rice Cooper digs into the emotions behind Those People Behind Us in issue #356 of her blog “Inside the Emotion of Fiction.”

When I was growing up, my Southern family didn’t talk about emotions much, or “unpleasantries,” religion, or politics. We didn’t believe in “making a scene.” We did believe that “if you couldn’t say anything nice you shouldn’t say anything at all.”

We weren’t automatic huggers either. Since then, my family has experienced a lot of loss and I’ve noticed that we all hug each other more often.

In our interview we also talked about my office, my notebooks, my deletions and my stickers. We even included photos of me when I started writing Those People in 2019 and when my publisher sent it to the press in July of 2023. Lots of things happened in between those dates.

Read the interview here.

Thanks for these questions Christal!


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